Jean-Sébastien Martin


Jean-Sébastien Martin is a rock climber and physiotherapist who graduated from l’Université de Montréal in 2015. Since, he has been helping his patients reach their goals, avoid injuries, and optimize their recovery. Jean-Sébastien will first assess your problem and then develop a rehabilitation program specific to your needs. His experiences and training have led him to develop an expertise in treating injuries related to climbing, weight lifting, running as well as hand injuries. Jean-Sébastien continuously perfects his treatment techniques and will adapt to your needs. If you have any questions, he will be happy to answer. You can contact him by email

Nedelya Savcheva

Massage therapist

A former psychology student, Nedelya decided to take a more proactive approach to help people. She therefore undertook studies in massage therapy and is now certified as a physiotherapist specializing in sports. With her versatile approach, she contributes to the prevention or recovery of injuries at the earliest stages of your multidisciplinary treatment. In order to have an optimal impact, Nedelya likes to mix her treatment techniques: passive stretching, isometry, immunotherapy and fasciathéerapie. If necessary, she uses lymphatic drainage. Curious by nature, she is always broadening her knowledge and on the lookout for new approaches to improve your well-being.