Treatment rates

$ 90 / 1h
$ 90 / 1h
Massage therapy
$ 75 / 1h

Thanh Doan-Lavoie


Member of Ostéopathie Québec, Thanh completed her training in 2018 at the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (college of osteopathic studies of Montreal) and is currently undertaking research to successfully complete the second cycle of the osteopathy program. Gentle and empathetic, she remains attentive to your needs and adapts to your specific needs. Everyone can benefit from her care, whether, for example, for headaches, neck or back pain, muscle or digestive problems, improved sleep, better stress management, or even prevention. She performs an overall assessment of your body, aimed at identifying blockages that interfere with self-regulation of your health, thus allowing you to return to balance and well-being. Passionate about climbing since 2013, this discipline provides her a contact with nature, and access to a community that shares her interest in body movement and health, as well as travel. A receipt will be issued for insurance purposes upon request.

Lydie-Anne Laliberté


Passionate about bouldering and travel, Lydie-Anne has been a physiotherapist, practicing in the orthopedic field, for 5 years now. It was her love for sport, analysis of human movements and her desire to pass on her knowledge that led her to become a physiotherapist. So, with her expertise in motricity control as well as manual therapy, she will be able to analyze your problems to help you fully resume your activities and achieve your goals! Using a comprehensive assessment, she will be able to determine with you the cause of your problem and intervene directly at the source, to prevent the recurrence of injuries. Being a climber herself, both indoors and outdoors, and on the provincial competition circuit, she understands the demands of the sport and will be able to adapt her interventions according to your climbing goals.

Alexis Ruffié


A graduate of the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (college of osteopathic studies of Montreal) since December 2015, Alexis has an approach that combines rigor, listening and understanding. The body is a wonderful machine that always tries to achieve balance, and the osteopath gives it the means to reach it without suffering and lastingly. Climbing is a great way to make our bodies work while respecting their physiology. Alexis searches with you for the causes of your ailments, and together, you will determine the most suitable path to health and performance. He likes to deal with a variety of problems, be it a mechanical or visceral blockage or anxiety tensions. You will return home with advice, exercises and a better understanding of your body. Alexis also climbs for this moment of joy when he realizes that he is achieving something that seemed impossible to him two minutes before.

Shakti Ortega St-Amant


Graduated from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (college of osteopathic studies of Montreal). Dedicated and attentive, Shakti listens to and assesses the needs of each person who comes to consult her, thus ensuring that she offers a specific and gentle service in order to support them in their wellness process. Curious and versatile in nature, she has a range of experiences and training in outdoor activities, contemporary dance and relationships counselling. Her various explorations have led her to take an interest in the living balance between body, heart and spirit that she shares today through her osteopathic practice. A member of Osteopathie Québec, she is able to issue receipts for your insurance.

Nedelya Savcheva

Massage therapist

A former psychology student, Nedelya decided to take a more proactive approach to help people. She therefore undertook studies in massage therapy and is now certified as a physiotherapist specializing in sports. With her versatile approach, she contributes to the prevention or recovery of injuries at the earliest stages of your multidisciplinary treatment. In order to have an optimal impact, Nedelya likes to mix her treatment techniques: passive stretching, isometry, immunotherapy and fasciathéerapie. If necessary, she uses lymphatic drainage. Curious by nature, she is always broadening her knowledge and on the lookout for new approaches to improve your well-being.