What about children at Café Bloc?

Unfortunately, Café Bloc is not suitable for children. Although it is not adequate, your young ones are still welcome! However, parent/child supervision ratios must be respected, and each family member (supervisor and/or climber) will have to pay the membership fees to the center. Please note that the supervisor must keep an eye on the child or children at all times and therefore will not be allowed to climb.

Child 2-6 years: 1 supervisor per child

Child 7-12 years old: 1 supervisor for 2 children

What is bouldering?

It is a sport that involves climbing short climbing pathways, above mattresses. Climbers do not need a rope or a safety harness because their feet are no more than 3 meters high. These pathways are called "problems" because solving them requires a variety of skills including technique, strength, balance, flexibility and creativity. Indoor bouldering does not require a partner and can therefore be practiced alone.

What type of equipment do you need?

Comfortable clothing only! You can bring your rock climbers or simply rent climbing shoes on site at reasonable prices.

Do you need to be in good physical shape to practice bouldering?

We would rather say that climbing is a great way to get in good physical shape! Indeed, the various bouldering problems involve quite progressive difficulties, which allow people of all levels (beginners as experts) to progress at their own pace in a safe way. Obviously as in all sports, you will have to respect your personal physical limits and not try to go too fast, in order to avoid certain injuries. We will be happy to support you in this process!

Treatment room?

As athletes are constantly exposed to certain muscular tensions, injuries, etc., we decided to include a treatment room at our establishment. You can therefore make an appointment and be treated on site according to your needs, by our different therapists (osteopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists). You can consult the '' treatment room '' tab of our website for details.

Can we just drink coffee at Café Bloc?

We fully position ourselves as a climbing center, and above all want to create a community of climbers. If several people came in for a coffee, the relaxation area would no longer be available for people climbing. Therefore, each person, climber or not, must pay the membership fees. Subscribed members can come as often as they like, to climb or just relax.