It is quite typical to arrive at a crag and see a climber, in his project, being encouraged by a gang of friends. "Come on!!! " It's contagious. When we see someone giving everything they have to send, we just want our words to make them grow imaginary wings. At the end of the day, when we return to the base camp to prepare the communal supper, whether at the Chief, at Miguel's House or at La Batture, we will just want to remember these moments with a smile stamped on the face, a good beer in hand.

Café Bloc is the spirit of a community that unites. It is a friendly and inclusive space, allowing both self-transcendence and chilling, in good company. It is a place that is tinged with the life experience of its creators, who wanted to recreate the atmosphere that can be found at the bottom of a climbing wall.

Rock formations are found in the wilderness, whether in the forest, in a sandy desert or in a canyon, respect for flora and fauna is essential. Café Bloc’s environmental impact is therefore as minimal as possible, for example by doing business with local companies such as La Tasse, Bon Vivant, La Boulangerie Guillaume, Mate Libre and Fou de l'Île. Café Bloc also encourages local artists and artisans to create furniture and decoration.


Jean-François Gravel


Inveterate climber for fifteen years, Jean-François, or "Jee" for the intimate, has always been thirsty to undertake. Whether in business projects or climbing trips, his CV needs no longer to be written. His great passion for climbing gradually took a big place in his life. Squamish, Indian Creek, Yosemite, Bugaboos ... all these places have contributed to making Jee a complete and versatile climber, but above all a lover of nature. If we can talk a lot about Jee's climbing achievements, it is his human side that most characterizes him. Because if all these experiences have transformed him, it is above all the encounters, sharing, exchanges and kindness around him that make him the exceptional partner that he is today. So for him, Café bloc is a bit like destiny coming true. The convergence of everything close to his heart under one roof. The opportunity to share his vision of what our community is.

Written by Paul Passot

Sébastien Aubé


Sébastien is a young entrepreneur who has focused on real estate and renovation in recent years.

Since discovering rock climbing in 2010, he has traveled the world to conquer extraordinary rock faces: Tonsai, Kalymnos, Red River Gorge, El Potrero Chico, Viñales, Squamish, Canmore, La Mojarra...

What he likes about this sport is that it allows you to surpass yourself, in a friendly context and in harmony with nature.

Having had first a crush on outdoor climbing, it was not until 2017 that he began to practice bouldering, a discipline for which he has a weakness today when the temperature in Quebec is less lenient for the fingers of climbers.

Dynamic, passionate and enthusiastic, Sébastien is always ready to give advice to help others progress, not only professionally, but also personally. He himself has worked a lot on him, constantly looking for improvement. Physical and psychological health, development, family and friendship are values that are dear to him.

Written by Thanh Doan-Lavoie