Hello everyone,

After three months of wait, Café Bloc is finally reopening this Monday June 22th ! We missed you very much and are looking forward to see you again.

There is some important information, along with COVID-19 procedures:

  • Café Bloc was entirely cleaned and de-contaminated.
  • All of our boulder problems were reset and are waiting for you to be climbed !
  • The roof terrace construction will start within a few weeks and a climbing wall will be constructed on top of it this summer !

Covid-19 situation

  • Our facility will be open for everyone on June 22th.
  • We will proceed with the first come-first serve formula. Our facility being able to provide for a limited number of visitors at once, we recommend that those who are able opt for a morning or day-time visit, to prevent over-booking week nights.
  • We kindly ask our members to limit the duration of their session at 2 hours, to give everyone a chance to come and climb.

EFT and prepaid memberships

  • All EFT memberships will be re-activated on June 22th.
  • If you have an EFT membership and desire that the freeze remains, please wait for June 23th and visit our website under manage your membership to re-activate your freeze. Freeze fees will apply.
  • Prepaid memberships will be re-activated on June 22th, and time lost during confinement will be equally compensated.

Showers and sauna
Unfortunately, showers and sauna won’t be available.

Locker room
To avoid the wait in locker rooms, we recommend you arrive with your sport clothes already on.

Water fountain
Please bring your water bottle ! As our water fountain will be available to refill water bottles, it won’t be accessible for direct drinking.

At the moment, we do not accept cash payments. You may use debit or credit card to settle.