The duration of your visit:

Considering the reduced capacity and the traffic during rush hour, we will ask you to keep your climbing sessions at a 2 hour period. If the gym isn’t maxed out, you will be able to stay longer, albeit we reserve the right to ask you to leave after 2 hours if the limit is reached.


The locker-room will be closed (the restroom remains open), so you will be asked to arrive in your climbing apparel.

Social distancing:

Social distancing must be respected at all times, 2 meters must separate the climbers everywhere in the gym and outside as well.

Face covering:

We will require the use of a face covering at all times in the gym and on the terrace.

Hand sanitization:

Sanitizers are available within reach throughout the gym. So we will ask you to disinfect your hands when you enter, when you leave, but also multiple times during your climbing session.

Menu / Café Bistro:

We will no longer be serving food or alcohol.

Water fountain:

The water fountain is available only to fill up your water bottle.


We only accept payments by credit or debit card. Cash will not be accepted.


We strongly encourage you to bring your own chalk (liquid preferred), however we will still be giving out our own.